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TechPassport flyer design
TechPassport website design on laptop

TechPassport underwent a complete transformation, including a revamped brand identity, a redesigned website, and an enhanced flagship SaaS product. This propelled TechPassport into the spotlight of the FinTech industry, garnering recognition and attracting significant investment for its latest product, DORA as a Service. TechPassport is now actively seeking Series A funding to further expand its presence in the market.

TechPassport website design on desktop
TechPassport website design on desktop
TechPassport website design on mobile
TechPassport website design
The client

TechPassport, a pioneering player in the FinTech sector, needed to address its outdated brand image and enhance its flagship SaaS product. With a vision to redefine its identity and bolster its market position, TechPassport sought comprehensive design solutions to align with its growth ambitions.

The problem

TechPassport's existing brand identity lacked distinction and failed to resonate with its target audience in the competitive FinTech landscape. With outdated branding and an uninspiring website, TechPassport struggled to differentiate itself and attract investment. Additionally, the flagship SaaS product required a significant overhaul in terms of user experience and interface design to meet the evolving needs of its users.

TechPassport social media carousel design
The solution

I embarked on a holistic rebranding journey for TechPassport, starting with the creation of new logotypes and brand guidelines. A comprehensive rebranding effort was undertaken, encompassing a redesigned website built using WordPress Elementor for enhanced functionality and including SEO optimisation. The UX/UI design of the flagship SaaS product underwent a meticulous process, from ideation to deployment, ensuring seamless user interaction and intuitive navigation. Marketing materials for multiple campaigns were also crafted, incorporating motion animation, illustration, and infographics to bolster TechPassport's brand presence.

TechPassport leaflet design
The result

The collaboration between TechPassport and Mantra Design Service yielded significant results, positioning TechPassport as a prominent player in the FinTech space. The revamped brand identity and website garnered widespread recognition, paving the way for increased visibility and investor interest. As a testament to its success, TechPassport is receiving significant investment to launch its latest product, DORA as a Service. With aspirations for further growth, TechPassport is actively seeking Series A funding to capitalize on its momentum and solidify its position in the market.

Let's work together

Whether you're looking to elevate your brand, streamline your digital presence, or champion sustainability, I'm here to help. Let's collaborate to create something truly exceptional.

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